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High Quality Virtual Tours

Present Photography specializes in 360 degree Virtual Tours using one or a group of photo spheres.  Your website and my high quality photospheres will give a positive first impression. A picture is worth a thousand words but a 360 degree virtual tour is like being there.  Present Photography's photosphere virtual tours interact with visitors that stay on your site much longer and make buying decisions.  

Virtual tours are offered by Present Photography in a basic or custom format for your business.  Some custom formats are shown below or in the 360 Degree Tour Library Tab.  

Custom formats can change the appearance or add interactive functions. The tour can be modified to match your website appearance and integrate with web pages.

The 360 degree tours are excellent for commercial applications such as  real estate, tourism, hotel, restaurant, and campsite type applications.  Virtual tours give more tourists the desire to visit your business by proudly displaying our beautful Ottawa Valley. See the tours displayed below and under the Library Tab and judge for yourself.

All tours are compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices.

Petawawa's Heritage Village

The village celebrates the settlement era and immigration story of people in the Pembroke and Petawawa.  This tour offers an automated guide through the facilities.

leder copy

Oiseau Rock

This tour displays Oiseau Rock which is located on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River.  Oiseau is the french name for bird.  As you look around the tour you can see several birds of prey circling.  It is risky to bring a small dog here.  The birds come quite close to have a good look at them.  Good physical condition is required if you want to follow the trail from the river up to the lookout.

oiseaurock copy

Jubilee Lodge Marina

Jubilee Lodge Marina is located at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa.  It is located on a very scenic and sheltered section of the Ottawa River.

jubilee lodge copy

Blackbear Campground

Blackbear Campground is located at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa.  The campground is on the shore of the Ottawa River.  A large sandy beach makes this campground a premium location for families to play.

blackbear campground copy

Petawawa River

The Petawawa River has world class rapids for white water kayaking and canoeing.  It's beautiful twists and rushing water make it one of the Town of Petawawa's jewels. The tours were captured at different times during the year all so the water is shown at  different levels.  Lovers Rapids is shown roaring in the spring, sleeping in the late summer and shivering in the middle of winter.  Enjoy 

petawawa river copy

Pembroke Ontario's Marina and Parks 

This photosphere tours Pembroke's waterfront, a short section of the Kinsman Walkway.  Summer entertainment is a regular theme at the Amphitheatre.  Pansy Patch park is in a valley along the Indian River.  This is a favouite location for wedding photography.

boardwalk copy