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Quality Virtual Tour
Vintage Classroom at Petawawa's Heritage Village
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On Four Legs
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Present Photography enables your business or tourist attraction to be seen in the Ottawa Valley and around the world.

The Heritage Village, in Petawawa, celebrates the settlement era and immigration story of people living in Pembroke and Petawawa.  This tour contains several photospheres of building grounds and interiors.  Find the blacksmith shop and view a cool pinned video of a blacksmith working some steel. 

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 Marina and Parks in Pembroke 

This photosphere tours Pembroke's waterfront, a short section of the Kinsman Walkway.  Summer entertainment is a regular theme at the Amphitheatre.  Pansy Patch park is in a valley along the Indian River.  This is a favouite location for wedding photography.

Present Photography creates high resolution virtual tours that limit the distracting warp effect during rotation.  The tours have received International recognition. 

Outdoor individual and family portraits are also offered.  Professional high powered studio flash enhance outdoor images by overpowering the sun on the brightest day.  When light is well controlled it permits unique effects and stunning images.

Plan a photoshoot and we will create something beautiful together. 

You will love the  results.