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Jubilee Lodge Marina

Jubilee Lodge Marina is a great location to launch your boat on the Ottawa River. The Ottawa river has beautiful landscape and several public beachs. This marina is located on the grounds of Garrison Petawawa and open to the public.

boardwalk copy

 Marina and Parks in Pembroke 

This photosphere tours Pembroke's waterfront, a short section of the Kinsman Walkway.  Summer entertainment is a regular theme at the Amphitheatre.  Pansy Patch park is in a valley along the Indian River.  This is a favouite location for wedding photography.

blackbear campground copy

Blackbear Campground

Blackbear Campground is located on Garrison Petawawa grounds.  Seasonal and daily campsites are available general public.  The campground has a beautiful sandy beach on the Ottawa River.  Blackbear Campground is a premium location for young families to camp and play together.

Photosphere Virtual Tour Options 

The list presented below describes some items/functions that may be added to a virtual tour.  The skin used to apply these tour functions is very flexable and able to meet the most demanding customer requirements.  Let us know what you would like to do and we will confirm that it can be achieved.


Information Button

The information button is intended to provide additional point of interest details about items visible in the tour.  A visitor clicks on the information button and a popup text or image appears.

 Example:  The button is placed on a fruit tree.  Clicking on the information button will pop-up text stating, “This is a pear tree that produces about 3 bushels of fruit each year.”

Google Street View

Tours may be uploaded to Google servers and displayed on Google Street View.

Hotspot Navigation

Hotspots are small navigation buttons placed over doors etc. to move between photospheres.   Hotspots give visitors a better feel for how rooms connect to each other.

Audio Recording 

 A  background sound recording or verbal communication with the visitor .  May be played during the entire tour or only with specific photospheres.  The sound may be directional or global in the room.  Directional sound fades to the left or right depending on the photosphere’s rotation.

Video (your video embedded)

A video file may be placed inside any photosphere in your tour.  If a television screen is already located in the space the video can be placed on the screen making the television appears to be operating normally.  The video source can be video recording or embedded from Youtube.

Embedded Pinned Video

A embedded pinned video is warped to match the photosphere curve with 1 pixel accuracy. The warp makes the video appear a part of the sphere.  Normal video appears to be on top of the sphere with the video edge clearly visable.  This can be used to personally welcome a visitor to a business.

Automated Guided Tour

A completed tour is needed to create a automated guided tour.   Automated guided tours fly through the virtual tour photospheres like a movie however the viewer may stop in any room to have a look.  When they are finished viewing the room the guided tour will automatically resume.


A completed tour is needed to create a movie of the tour.  Movement through the tour is recorded and rendered into a mp3 video file. This is useful for displaying the tour on You Tube. 


Pop Up Images/Text/Documents

 Images/text or documents  may be configured to pop-up from visible or hidden triggers.  

 Example; A photograph hanging on a wall can zoom full screen when the mouse pointer passes over the wall hanging.

Google Maps 

Google maps may be embedded into the photosphere tour.  A button will be provided to show/hide the map. Navigation Pins are placed within the map showing the location.  Clicking on the Pin will navigate to that location.


Present Photography’s virtual tours may be embedded inside Facebook.  Currently Facebook requires a secure webhost,  https,  connection.  The “s” indicates the secure connection. Facebook is considering changing this requirement. 

Floor Plan (provided by customer)

An excellent navigation tool can be created using a building's floor plan.  The floor plan in a .jpg format is preferred.  Clickable Navigation Pins will be placed on the floor plan to move between rooms.